Supporting “Blind Justice TM” is easy.  The programs are self-supported so any individual, business, foundation or other organization interested in becoming an advertiser, sponsor, underwriter or donor is welcomed and appreciated.

To become an advertiser, sponsor, underwriter or donor, simply contact either USA Talk Network, Inc. or the Democracy and Media Education Foundation (“DMEF”) and we will provide you with whatever information you need to make your decision.  Typically, once you make an affirmative decision, all that is needed from you or your organization are graphics and any appropriate copy to be included in the promotional material to incorporated into the "Blind Justice" Web site and/or television program.   There are four sets of opportunities available for advertisers, sponsors, underwriters, and donors, including the following:

  • Level I includes you and/or your organization in the program-ending Rolling Credits with key contact information.  You and/or your organization also will receive a full-page advertisement on the "Blind Justice" Website as well as direct links to your Website.
  • Level II includes your and/or your organization's contact information on a single "Thank You" single-screen slate with other sponsors at the end of each program (i.e., "Blind Justice" was brought to you by the generosity of...") as well as all the Website benefits described in Level I.
  • Level III gives you and/or your organization a unique 5-second full-motion video spot at a commercial television quality standard as well as all the Website benefits described in Level I.
  • Level IV gives you and/or your organization the sole or co-sponsorship of one of the regular short segments (e.g., "The Constitutional Minute," "The Good Side Of The Law," "America's Attorneys General," "Changing The Legal System," et cetera).

As mentioned above, all four Levels also receive other valuable benefits such as inclusion on the "Blind Justice" Web page as an advertiser, sponsor, underwriter or donor, along with multiple direct links to your own Website, a full page advertisement on the "Blind Justice" Website, and other extra benefits.

Whether it is a $5,000 or a $5,000,000 commitment, the goal is to deliver a benefits package which justifies the expenditure or donation being made -- whether it is based on the philosophical support of the program's mission or on the promotional results being sought for you or your organization.

Due to strict PBS limitations, each program is limited to a total of 90 seconds for sponsors -- compared to 8 or more minutes (at least 480 seconds) on commercial television.  This means your participation is guaranteed to be noticed.  Thus, supporters of "Blind Justice" won't get lost in the shuffle so often experienced on commercial television.

Promotion of personal development ideals (see: to engender growth and success is always a good policy to maintain. In some cases, a person or organization may elect to underwrite a program but decline some or even all of the available promotional benefits.  This always is an option as is the choice to accept a lesser level of recognition or complete anonymity.  As a rule, USA Talk Network seeks to maximize the benefits it can provide advertisers and sponsors but always is focused on the preferences of its supporters.  It fully respects the wishes of those who wish to remain anonymous.

All participation is tax-deductible as either (1) a bona fide advertising, marketing, and/or promotional expense or (2) a tax-deductible charitable contribution. And, if they wish, major sponsors receive extra benefits which give them extensive exposure well beyond the show.  
Please feel free to contact us via e-mail --  [email protected] -- or by calling (303) 666-6161 for more information.  Thank you for your interest and support.  Both are greatly appreciated.

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